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Love your Job: Why I Went into Nursing

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

This week is the beginning of National Nurses Week- a time when we take a moment to show our appreciation for the nurses in our lives.

Nurses often work long, tiring shifts, are underpaid and sometimes don't have a minute to use the bathroom or even eat lunch.

"Great, sign me up!"

No. This is not exactly why I started my nursing career.

I knew what I signed up for... sorta.

After my diagnosis of diabetes at the age of 3, I became very interested in the care of my disease. The interest grew as I got older- from pricking my finger to injecting myself with insulin prior to meals. I even began performing exams at my "clinic" (AKA my childhood bathroom) on my cat, Bugsy around the age of 5.

After graduating nursing school, I was lucky to land my first job as a registered nurse at the University of Maryland Medical Center on the pediatric unit. I met some of the hardest-working nurses and cared for some of the bravest little humans. The years I spent on this unit molded me into the nurse practitioner that I am today. There were days when I would leave the hospital utterly exhausted. There were times that I cried. No matter the experience, I never left saying I regretted my career choice. I always (and still do) start my day and end my day grateful.

I then decided to further my career and become a nurse practitioner. I graduated and passed my boards April 2014. I remember taking the boards days before leaving for Hawaii for my sister and brother-in-law's wedding. I thought, I'll either have something to celebrate, or i'll have a perfect getaway after not passing. Thankfully, I passed. Between celebrating, fluffing my sister's wedding gown, and re-applying sunscreen I was also signing a contract for my first NP job.

Grateful. There's that word again.

I am grateful each and every single day as a nurse practitioner.

I am so lucky to take care of such special, little humans. They make you laugh, they test your patience, and at times they make you scratch your head.

At the end of the day, I am grateful. Grateful to be a nurse practitioner and honored to take care of these wonderful kiddos.

Happy National Nurses Week to all of the hardworking and dedicated nurses out there.

Until next time,


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