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Valentine's Day - Eerything in Moderation

Of course, there are healthier options on Valentine’s Day, but don’t feel guilty about indulging in a sweet treat today.

Diet culture is all around us; quite frankly, it’s toxic.

Everything 👏🏼 in 👏🏼 moderation!!

My tips for today (and every single day):

1️. Your body is beautiful. Say it. And make sure your kids hear you.

2️. Talk to your child about foods in a positive manner. Try not to label foods as “good” versus “bad.”

3️. Get outside! We were made to move! Movement helps improve stability, strength, circulation and boosts our mental health and energy levels! Exercise should never be used as a punishment because you “had a big meal” or ate dessert.

(If you or someone you know suffers from an eating disorder, please seek help. The National Eating Disorders Association is available by text, phone, or online chat. Visit for more info.)



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