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Things Type 1 Diabetes Think about Before Exercise

As a T1D, movement is important but can also be tricky.

For a non-diabetic, not much thought goes into exercising.

As a T1D, there are so many factors that go through my head before beginning a workout.

For you non-diabetics, are you ready for this list? Although it seems like an intimidating and lengthy list, we are used to it, and after some practice, it becomes second nature.

  1. Last meal (including fat content, carb content, protein, caffeine, etc.)

  2. Timing of last meal

  3. Amount of insulin given and when it was last given

  4. Type of exercise (high intensity, low intensity, weights, etc.)

  5. Type of athlete- are you regularly working out or is this the first workout in 2 months?

  6. Last time you exercised

  7. Duration of exercise/movement

  8. Starting blood sugar prior to exercise

  9. Time of day

  10. Sleep

  11. Hydration status

  12. Stress

  13. Menstrual cycle

The list could go on!

What other tips do you have for your fellow T1Ds?



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