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There is NOTHING Wrong with your Vagina

If you haven’t heard, Vagisil has come out with a product targeting teens.

Yup- you heard me correctly, teens.

Their line OMV! has enticing labeling, with bright, beautiful colors, and pleasant scents, like vanilla-clementine.

For a teenage girl that is already self-conscious and uncomfortable in her skin, why on this Earth do we need a product telling her that her vagina smells, and she needs this item to be “fresh” and “smell really good.” Furthermore, who is she smelling like a creamsicle for!?

Vagisil has received quite the backlash from OBGYNs and other medical professionals.

Let’s talk about why....

1. Misinformation is damaging for the teenage mind and soul

2. Scented products can cause irritation

3. These products are just not necessary and actually harmful, as they can disrupt the normal pH of the vagina

4. What teen actually reads labels and knows the difference between internal use and “external use only?” Again, harmful!

Bottom line... There is nothing wrong with your vagina!

If your teenage daughter has questions about her body, including her vagina, please follow up with her medical provider!



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