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The Importance of a Pediatric Eye Exam and Vision Screening

Eye examinations begin when your child is a newborn and still in the hospital.

Every well visit thereafter, we examine and sometimes use additional tools to help detect potential eye issues.


  • Early detection of these issues can prevent permanent vision loss

  • Certain issues could be due to underlying syndromes or diseases

  • Poor visual acuity can interfere with your child's ability to learn

Don't wait until your child's next well visit if he/she is having any issues. If your child exhibits any of the following, please schedule an appointment to be evaluated:

  • Infant is not tracking (>3mo of age)

  • Concerns for a "lazy eye" (>4mo of age)

  • Squinting

  • Different size pupils

  • Complaining of difficulty seeing

  • Having difficulty completing school work due to their vision

  • Rubbing his/her eyes more frequently

  • Excessively blinking

  • Fast or rhythmic eye fluttering

  • Complaining of headaches

  • White, yellow, or black pupil in photographs

  • Drooping or bulging

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