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The BEST Baby Registry List

Registering when you are pregnant can be a fun but daunting task. There are so many new gadgets and toys that it can sometimes feel very overwhelming. Below are the top 10 MUST-HAVE items to put on your registry.

1. NoseFrida- This amazing gadget sounds disgusting but will become your best friend when your peanut gets cold symptoms.

2. Portable changing pad- Poop happens. Be prepared with a portable changing pad that can easily be wiped down.

3. Diapers- Because you can NEVER have enough. Planning on using cloth diapers- register for those too!

4. Books- Reading to your little one is so important. Did you know that your baby can hear you in the womb? I recommend that families start reading to their unborn child as early as 18 weeks!

5. Car seat- It is always recommended to get a new car seat for your baby. You never want to buy one used or get a hand-me-down.

6. Stroller- Strollers can be a big-ticket item. If you put one on your registry, there is a good chance people can split it for you!

7. Baby first aid kit- This is important, folks. Make sure your first aid wish list includes a rectal thermometer, Infant Acetaminophen, antibiotic ointment, and saline nasal drops.

8. Feeding supplies- If you plan on breastfeeding, be sure to register for a breast pump, bottles, sterilizing bags, nursing pads, and a support pillow such as the Boppy. If you’re planning on formula feeding, be sure to register for formula, bottles, nipples, cleaning and sanitizing supplies.

9. Tummy Time Play Mat- I recommend supervised tummy time from day 1! Tummy time helps strengthen your infant's neck, back, and shoulders as well as promote the development of gross motor skills. This play mat has all the bells and whistles! As always, place your baby on his or her back to sleep.

10. 360 sippy cup- We sometimes forget that registries can have big kid items on them too! This cup is wonderful when transitioning from the bottle.

Pro tip: Use the website Babylist to consolidate your registries so that your friends and family can purchase from ONE site. They have an app too!

Do you have an AMAZING product that you got at your baby shower that you cannot live without?! Comment below!

Until next time,


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