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Second dose of my COVID19 vaccine: DONE

Updated: Feb 7, 2021


Dose #2 is D-O-N-E!

I received my second Moderna vaccine on Tuesday afternoon and gleefully skipped all the way to the parking lot.

Let’s discuss the side effects: -Approximately 12 hours post vaccination, I developed injection site tenderness and mild swelling -As the day continued, I felt tired, my eyes felt heavy, and I experienced mild/moderate body aches and joint pain -The above side effects lasted for about 24-36 hours

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN: It means my immune system is working!!!

PLEASE NOTE: -My side effects were completely manageable -Resolved with a dose of Tylenol -It was WAY better than having COVID, being admitted to the hospital, and potentially having long term, devastating symptoms

Please, please, please... I beg you... When it’s your chance to get your shot, do your research (using credible sources-not Jenny McCarthy ), ask questions, and trust science!!!

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