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Preventing Holiday-Related Injuries

December is one of my favorite months. It’s MAGICAL. Don’t you agree? ✨

There are many potential hazards and opportunities for injuries during this month, however. Below are a few tips to keep you and your little ones safe this holiday season:
  1. Lock up the alcohol

  2. Make sure the fire and smoke detectors are working

  3. Be mindful of small decorations and potential choking hazards

  4. Avoid ornaments at the bottom of your Christmas tree and stick with non-breakable decorations

  5. Consider a gate around the tree

  6. Don’t have any low-lying lights, which can be a strangulation hazard

  7. Avoid weighted stocking holders- they are beautiful but can lead to serious injury if yanked off the mantle

  8. Have rules at your family gatherings- i.e. no one is allowed in the kitchen without supervision, etc.

  9. Avoid holiday plants around infants and toddlers, as many are poisonous

  10. Ensure all toys with batteries have a secure cover

  11. Put away the ladders in a safe location after using them

  12. Keep candles away from children and blow them out if leaving or going to sleep

  13. Keep a fire extinguisher in the house

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