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Potty Training Tips

1. Monitor for constipation- I have this discussion VERY OFTEN in the office. Some children may purposely hold their stool when potty training, leading to hard and sometimes painful poops. This brings me to point #2.

2️. Stay hydrated and ensure adequate fiber in the diet- Fiber bulks up and softens the poop while the water pushes things along. A balance of both is necessary for successful potty training.

3️. Be consistent- Like with all other milestones, repetition and routine are essential for developing new skills. This means you may need to discuss your potty training plan with daycare too!

4️. Turn down the pressure- Offer TONS of praise and stay positive! Celebrate the wins, but do not punish for mess-ups. This can lead to regression and anxiety.

5️. Keep it fun-I love sticker charts, temporary tattoos, or even simple high-fives! Candy and treats are not necessary. I’m all about fostering a healthy, life-long relationship with food, and using candy as a reward creates this idea that treats need to be earned. This, however, is a post in itself for another day!

I hope this is helpful! Have more potty training questions? Comment below. 💩

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