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Nosebleeds are not uncommon in the pediatric population.

Let’s start with WHY kids get nosebleeds:

🔺Dry air


🔺Nose picking



🔺Malignancy or bleeding disorder (rare!!)


Although we cannot always predict if or when a child will get a bloody nose, we can sometimes try and prevent them.

To prevent dry air, try utilizing a cool mist humidifier in their bedroom. I would also recommend using saline nasal spray or gel in their nares during colds and/or allergy flares.


🔺First- remain calm. It can be scary seeing blood coming from your child’s face, but we don’t want to frighten them!

🔺Pinch their nostrils with a tissue while having them sit slightly forward

🔺Keep them distracted and calm (as best as possible. Sing songs, play I-spy, etc.)

🔺Continue this for approximately 10 minutes

🔸When to Worry🔸

Contact your child’s provider if he/she is getting frequent nosebleeds that take a while to stop. I would also recommend reaching out to your child’s provider If he/she is easily bruising or bleeding.

Head to your nearest emergency room if:

🔺Your child complains of dizziness, lightheadedness, fatigue, etc.

🔺The bloody nose is caused by a facial injury

🔺The bleeding continues after 10-15 minutes of proper treatment



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