• Mandi Franklin, CPNP

Newborn Poop: What’s Normal?!

Updated: Jul 2

Poop is a topic that is brought up at every newborn visit.

In fact, I talk about poop a lot.

Many parents want to know what is normal, what is not, and when should they take their little one to be evaluated.

Below is an easy-to-read and printable chart to make identifying newborn poop a little less stinky:

Other key points:

-Poop can be various colors, textures, smells, and consistencies- all of which can change from day-to-day depending on dietary intake and medications

-If you switch formulas, go from breast milk to formula or vice versa, stools may also change

-Stools that are hard, firm, or pebble-like require an evaluation by your child’s medical provider

-Stools that are pure liquid, slimy/mucousy should also be evaluated, as this can be an indication of an infection

-When in doubt, call your child‘s medical provider for advice

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