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Nasal Foreign Bodies

Yesterday, my sweet, darling niece decided to stick a bead up her nose.

Believe it or not, this is quite common.

Kids are curious beings.

They will stick just about anything that fits in their nostrils.

So...what do you do if your child sticks _____ (fill in the blank) in his/her nose⁉️

👃🏼if he/she is old enough, have them blow their nose while you hold/plug the other nostril

👃🏼if your child is younger and not able to blow his or her nose, try plugging the unaffected nostril and blow into the child’s mouth

👃🏼if you are unable to remove the object at home, call your child’s primary care provider. This can typically be done in the office, however, on occasion, he/she may need to see an ear, nose, and throat provider

👃🏼as always, if there is concern for distress or any difficulty breathing, call 911

👃🏼if there is concern that your child put a button battery up there, seek medical attention immediately

Thankfully, my SIL was able to gently remove the bead and my beautiful niece won’t be doing that again! 😂

What has your child ‘hidden’ in their nose!?

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