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Lost and Found

Fun story....

I received a random message the other day from a young lady that purchased a used book in Washington DC.

This book was The Dream Keeper by Langston Hughes. On the inside of the front cover, it had “this book belongs to...,” my aunt's name and dated 1991.

This lovely stranger looked up my aunt, saw that she passed away, and began searching for any relatives that may want this book as a special memory.

Needless to say, she found me!

I was in awe by her warmth, generosity, and curiosity.

My aunt died far too young due to complications of multiple sclerosis. She was beautiful - both inside and out. She was smart and so talented! She could sing, act, and write. She was a Columbia University grad.

I am so touched by this small gesture and extremely excited to receive my new (but old) keepsake.

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