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Is There a Magic Pill to Boost your Immune System?

You can find wannabe experts on just about anything while scrolling through Instagram, TikTok, or other social media platforms.

Some of these wizards claim to have the magic potion to make you healthier, smarter, skinnier, or immortal for a small price of $499 a month!

Are there really supplements or magic cocktails that can help improve our immune health?

Not exactly.

Below are FOUR (inexpensive) things that will aid in a healthy immune system:

  • Proper nutrition- No surprise here. Malnourishment or not consuming a well-balanced diet could contribute to poorer health outcomes.

  • Adequate sleep- Those who get poor sleep are more likely to fall ill. Stay consistent with your sleep routine and strive to put sleep as a top priority.

  • Movement- Moderate daily (to almost daily) physical activity can also help improve overall immune health.

  • Stress reduction-Unhealthy amounts of stress can decrease your body’s ability to fight certain viruses and illnesses. Take a moment and think of ways that personally help you deal with stressful situations. For me, I take a walk outside.

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