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Is Summer Camp Safe?

The pandemic has been extremely hard for all of us, especially children.

Summer camp is where some of the BEST memories are made.

How can we get children back into camp while keeping them safe?

1️⃣Investigate the camp- how are they planning on keeping your child safe?

2️⃣Is testing required for all campers prior to the first day? (keep in mind, this does not mean you are completely out of the woods)

3️⃣Are they at full capacity or have they decided to take fewer kids so that physical distancing is possible?

4️⃣Is masking required? (This answer should be YES!)

5️⃣Are counselors/staff vaccinated?

6️⃣If your child is >12 years of age, will he/she be fully vaccinated (with the COVID19 vaccine) prior to camp?

7️⃣Is your child up-to-date on all other immunizations?

8️⃣Is your child overall healthy?

The American Academy of Pediatrics came out with a statement 2 months ago in regards to camp. More can be viewed here:

When in doubt, have an open discussion with your child's provider!

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