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How to NOT Raise a Bully

Nobody wants to raise a bully.

No one wants their child to be labeled the “mean kid.”

When you get that dreaded phone call from the principal, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent or caregiver!!!

What can you do at home to teach your child empathy, compassion, respect, and kindness?

Check out this list:

1️. Model respect at home. Kids are a product of their environment. Show respect when speaking to your spouse, on the phone, with friends, with strangers etc. When they see you respecting others, they’ll do the same.

2️. Teach your child how to recognize bullying. Starting at a young age by reading books aloud about bullying and how to recognize these behaviors. Bullying can be verbal, physical, emotional, or in the form of cyber bullying.

3️. Be consistent. It’s important to set limits and hold your child accountable. Consistent rules helps foster responsibility and a sense of belonging.

4️. Talk with your kids. Communicate, communicate, communicate!!!! Ask open-ended questions at the dinner table every single night!

5️. Build confidence from a young age. Again, kids are sponges. They will soak up everything you do and say. Try not label him or her, “good,” or “bad”. Labeling can make a child believe these words are true, therefore, they begin to take on that role as the “bad” kid.

Bullying is NEVER OK.

Visit to get help now.

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