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How to Beat the Back-to-School Scaries

For many in the south, schools are starting this week and next week. For my friends up north, you have a few more weeks of sun, sand, and sea!

Going back to school can be hard and scary! How can we ease kids back in?

-Routine, routine, routine! Kids THRIVE on routines! Keep your days consistent leading up to school.

-Bedtime and wake up: inch up bedtime each night and wake your child up the same time they would be getting up for school. Make sure to do this at least a week prior to school starting.

-Be organized. Lay out clothing the night before, pack lunches the night before, and have backpacks packed and ready to go!

There will be hiccups and that’s OK!!

The above tips will hopefully lead to a smoother transition!!

What tips do you have for other parents in order to ease into the school year?

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