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Holiday Toy Warning: Button Batteries

We are in the midst of the gift-giving season, and I want to ensure that all of your toys requiring batteries have a screwed-down and well-secured battery compartment door.

So why are these tiny batteries dangerous anyway?

If ingested, these tiny batteries can erode through your esophagus and lead to infection, illness, and potentially death.

The symptoms of battery ingestion may include:


✅Difficulty breathing

✅Difficulty swallowing




✅Decreased appetite or difficulty eating/drinking

If ingestion is suspected, it is essential to seek medical attention immediately. Acting swiftly could save your child’s life.

Should I make my child vomit?🤮

No! Do not induce vomiting. Again, a prompt evaluation in the ER is necessary if you believe your child swallowed a button battery.

What about honey?🍯

Yes, it’s true, honey can be given if you think your child ingested a button battery. Remember that honey is only given to children >12 months and that this IS NOT a substitute for a prompt medical evaluation in the emergency room!

After you read this post, please do me a favor and check your toys, books, decorations, and games to ensure the battery compartment is screwed on. Don’t forget to lock away any spare batteries, too!

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