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Halloween in the COVID-19 Era

Although Halloween is going to look a bit different this year, it does not mean that the holiday is totally canceled!

Trick-or-treating where we would typically go door-to-door is considered high risk and should be avoided.

Below are 10 safer alternatives to celebrate Halloween this year:

1. Have a Halloween scavenger hunt with those in your household. Have any leftover Easter eggs? Put Halloween candy in them and scatter them around the yard or throughout the house.

2. Build an edible Halloween house. Instead of a gingerbread house, build a Halloween house together. The best part- eating your creations!

3. Decorate pumpkins. Enjoy each other's company as you paint, bedazzle, or carve pumpkins in the comfort of your own home.

4. Bake the seeds after carving pumpkins. Pumpkin seeds are a yummy and nutritional snack. Check out this easy recipe!

5. Dress up and take silly photos. Put on your costumes and create your own photo booth. Check out these fun and spooky props.

6. Watch age-appropriate Halloween-themed movies. There are so many wonderful Halloween movies for all ages. Turn your living room into a movie theater- create tickets, have a concession stand with delicious Halloween treats, and enjoy the show!

7. Have a Halloween bake-off. Create a baking challenge, such as, who can create the best edible pumpkins or bats.

8. Buy a Halloween-themed pinata. Fill a pinata with Halloween-themed toys and candy. Be sure to supervise and find a safe place to hang the pinata!

9. Plan a virtual Halloween parade or party. Celebrate with friends and family near and far during a Zoom or Google Hangouts Halloween party.

10. Drive through the neighborhood and check out all of the cool Halloween decorations. Enjoy the creative and creepy lights and decorations from the safety of your car.

What are you doing this Halloween to ensure you and your family are staying safe?

Until next time, Mandi

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