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Don't Ignore What is Going on in the World- Talk with your Children

Today marks day 6 of fighting as Russia invades Ukraine.

As a parent or caregiver, I'm sure you're wondering IF and HOW you should talk to your child(ren) about this.

To an extent, children should know about these events worldwide. Without a (developmentally appropriate) explanation or conversation, your child could be exposed to scary and confusing information from overheard chatter, TV, social media, or the radio.

Here are some tips on how to have these difficult talks:

▪️Make sure your conversation is developmentally appropriate. For young kiddos (ages 7-8), keep it simple. Keep the details out and let them take the lead

▪️Ask him/her what they know so far

▪️Let them ask questions

▪️Let them know how you are feeling

▪️Debunk any misinformation

▪️For older children, ask if they want to help. Look for ways to donate or fundraise

▪️Bottom line- Be honest, and supportive, and let them know that they are safe

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