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Does the MMR Vaccine Provide Protection Against COVID19?

Although we have learned a lot about COVID19 over the past few months, there are still a lot of unknowns and questions to be answered.

When looking at the fatality rates of COVID19, it is apparent that those >50 years of age are more likely to die from this illness.

Interestingly, the MMR vaccine came out in 1971. This means that today, these individuals would be 49 years old. This could be an explanation as to why there is a higher death rate in those 50 and above. (See image below).

In countries that have initiated vaccine programs over the years, we find lower death rates due to COVID19.

As an example, “Madagascar, a country with 26.26 million people, recently vaccinated 7.2 million of its citizens (over 27.4% of the total population) with MRCV (measles-rubella containing vaccines) in 2019. This is in addition to any citizens who may have already been vaccinated. There have been no deaths at all from COVID-19 in Madagascar as of May 4, 2020.”

Again, we are still learning so much about COVID19. This is a very interesting thought, however.

Bottom line: please don’t wait, vaccinate!


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