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Does My Toddler Need Daycare?

Sometimes, daycare is the only option.

Parents work.

Babysitters are expensive.

Grandparents are unavailable.

Mom and Dad need a break.....The list of reasons goes on.

Everyone in your social circle is ready to give unsolicited opinions on daycare. Some will say, "How can you leave him/her all day?" while others will say, "Daycare is the best thing ever!"

High-quality childcare has been shown to improve academic and social skills in young children. However, your toddler can also receive the same benefits at home with you! Socialization can occur at playgrounds, parks, Mommy & Me Classes, etc.

My mother wanted to soak up every second with me as a toddler. I appreciate those memories. It is not something to ever feel guilty about!

At the end of the day, it is a very personal decision that YOU and your family should make. Not social media. Not your neighbor. Not your best friend.

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