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Diabetes Support: Who is in your Dia-Circle?

With the daily demands of being a T1D, it is ESSENTIAL to have at least ONE person in your dia-circle.

I am grateful for my wonderful safety net of family and friends, but my #1 diabetes supporter is my hubby, Jared.

His knowledge of all-things-diabetes has grown TREMENDOUSLY over the years.

He knows not to step on my toes, as diabetes is a very personal disease, but provides me with JUST the right amount of support.

The moral of the story is to find yourself a partner, friend, or family member who will gladly eat M&Ms when your blood sugar is dropping or is willing to go for a quick walk around the neighborhood when your Dexcom is alarming that you are over 200.

So, thank you, my love, for your continued support, willingness to learn, and ALWAYS graciously accepting me during all of my highs and lows. <-- (Diabetic pun. If you know, you know.)

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