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Diabetes Emergency Preparedness Kit

Last weekend Florida experienced heavy winds and tons of rain thanks to Tropical Storm Eta.

The storm got me thinking…. I should have a diabetes emergency preparedness kit.

I created a grab-and-go kit that I pray I’ll never have to “grab,” but at least I’ll be prepared if there is such an emergency.

What I put in my kit:

· Extra glucometer and supplies including lancets, strips, alcohol pads

· Syringes (even though I am on a pump. Need to prepare for a possible pump malfunction)

· Insulin (stored in the refrigerator, but easily accessible)

· CGM and pump supplies

· Ketone strips

· Sharps container

· Frio, ice packs

· Glucagon

· Glucose gels, glucose tabs

· Non-perishable snacks (crackers, protein bars)

· Bottled water

· Small hand sanitizer

· Batteries (for insulin pump and glucometer)

· Cell phone charger, charger for CGM receiver

· Up-to-date list of medications and dosages

· Copy of my insurance card

· A list of important phone numbers including your endocrinologist, primary care provider, and your suppliers (Dexcom, Omnipod, etc.)

· Printed copy of pump settings including insulin to carbohydrate ratio, basal rates, and insulin sensitivity factor

· Small notebook and pen

· Printed prescriptions

Store all of these supplies in a waterproof container and make sure it is easily accessible. What good is a grab-and-go emergency kit if it is stored in the attic?

Ensure that you frequently check the supplies and their expiration dates throughout the year.

What am I forgetting? Is there anything else that you have in your disaster kit that I did not mention? Please share!

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