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Caution: Be Careful what you Read on the Internet

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

A friend of mine sent me this post asking if this was a good idea.... Please please please please DO NOT create these masks with pacifiers for your children. 🛑⚠️⛔️


1. Most importantly, children under 2 SHOULD NOT wear masks. Putting a mask on a child under 2 can increase their risk of suffocation. Many adults have difficulty breathing with a mask on, imagine being an infant with a smaller airway. 🚫

2. The other flaw with this photo and idea is the pacifier. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends eliminating pacifier usage by the age of two. I typically encourage parents to wean after the 1st birthday. 😁

In conclusion, please be careful with the information you find on the internet. There is A LOT of junk and misinformation out there! ‼️

Happy Tuesday! Be safe and be well! 😷

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