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4 Ways to Decrease Screen Time in 2021

The pandemic has been an enormous strain on parents and caregivers. Families are watching way more TV now, more than ever. Here are a few simple ideas to decrease the screen time at home:

1. Set a schedule- Have designated screen time for the entire family. This way, there are clear expectations for all other times of the day. Be sure all other duties are done before the designated screen time, including homework and chores. The set schedule will also prevent arguments and fights, because there are clear rules on when screen time is allowed and is not.

2. Screen free meals-I love this one. Screen free meals allow the family to truly enjoy one another’s company. It also gives you the chance to help identify if you are full or not. Watching television or using a device while eating can lead to overeating.

3. Try listening to music or a podcast as a family-This is a fun switch! Give each child an opportunity to pick out a playlist or their favorite musical artist to play during family time. Podcasts are also great because the options are endless!

4. Replace a time you typically would sit in front of the TV, with a new hobby or activity-Make an effort to do something DIFFERENT. Instead of sitting on the couch in front of the television, attempt going for a brisk family walk!

Remember, everything in moderation! Don’t beat yourself about the days when there happened to be more screen time. It’s ok to bend the rules sometimes!

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